Faster? Better? Easier?

Let me show you how Rapidemic plans to fullfill this substantial promise.

Rapidemic harnesses the power of state-of-art molecular techniques to provide accurate decentralized testing. Rapidemic’s proprietary detection technology is based on the use of a specialized amplification technology. It detects targets in mixed samples with a high sensitivity and specificity. The amplification reactionis coupled to a universal, easy detection system to enable an unequivocal read-out by anyone, anywhere.  

The technology consists of three separate consecutive steps. First, a urine or vaginal sample is taken with a swab by the patient themselves. The sample is first lysed to expose the genome of the bacteria. A specific region in the genome is amplified and detected on the lateral flow strip.  


The technology makes use of an innovative isothermal amplification technique that can accurately detect a nucleic acid sequence of interest in minutes 


The Rapidemic technology enables us to decouple molecular diagnostics from the use of equipment, and enables fast and low-temperature diagnostics while safeguarding the accuracy and reducing false positives.  


The proprietary technology of Rapidemic increases the sensitivity and specificity of the reaction while keeping manipulations to a minimum.