Private Clinics

Patients who suspect a sexually transmitted infection experience a high barrier to test. Therefore, certain patients choose to seek out anonymous care and prefer to get tested in a private clinic The Rapidemic test enables private clinics to offer accurate and more comfortable STI testing to their patients, and to increase their efficiency by bringing lab-grade testing in-house.  

Most people are at risk of getting a sexually transmitted (STI) infection. These infections can be mentally trying. Patients experience pain, uncertainty, and shame. If left untreated, these infections can cause irremediable damage to the reproductive system.  


High barrier, slow turnover

Many patients who suspect an STI seek out low threshold, easy and anonymous care. Current diagnostic techniques rely on outsourcing samples to a laboratory. The turnover is therefore slow and logistically demanding. Patients have to wait and have to come back for follow up care. Current decentralized diagnostic technologies are not sufficiently accurate.  

There is a need for fast and accurate decentralized diagnostic tests


On-the-spot diagnosis

Rapidemic’s technology enables on-the-spot multiplex diagnosis of chlamydia and gonorrhea infections. The test can provide immediate results, in under 30 minutes, with the accuracy of a PCR test. The test is easy to use and can be administered by trained personnel in a sexual health clinic.  

With the Rapidemic test, clinicians can offer immediate and better follow-up care for their patients, without requesting patients to come back to the clinic. Additionally, it allows clinics to provide better testing services, and to keep their testing facilities in-house.  


Provides results in under 30 minutes, instead of days. This prevents unnecessary discomfort, uncertainty and stress for patients. 

Lab-grade results:

The Rapidemic test makes use of molecular technology to obtain a high accuracy, similar to that of PCR tests.  


Clinics can reclaim control of their testing activities, by bypassing the need for laboratory facilities to perform the tests 

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