Faster. Better. Easier.

Rapidemic develops a molecular point-of-care test for fast and accurate diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections.

We aim to break down the barriers to test by bringing diagnostics closer to the patient.

How do we know what disease someone has?

In this talk Violette Defourt explains why we need improvements in the way we diagnose disease. She introduces point-of-care testing and speaks about what benefits this has over current diagnostics.

Private Clinics

Improved STI management in your community

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Healthcare practitioners

Efficient diagnosis to guide treatment decisions

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Faster. Better. Easier.

The way that STI’s are currently diagnosed represent a major burder for patients, but also for healthcare practitioners. Rapidemic is committed to redesigning the experience of STI’s testing, for better

We combine molecular techniques together with a simple, universal read-out method. That way, the tests combines accuracy with ease-of-use

1.  Patient comes in

2. Takes sample

3. Tests directly

4. Patient goes home

Rapidemic’s CEO, Violette Defourt explains how the company lives up to this promise.